Factors to Consider When Selecting a Conference Location and Venue

Are you planning a business conference or meeting? One of the most important task on the to-do list is deciding on a location and venue. The location and venue set the tone for your planned event. Here are a few tips to consider when making this important decision.

1.       Lodging Accommodations | It is important to consider lodging accommodations when selecting a venue. Suitable lodging accommodations should be available within a short distance of the event. If the event is not held within a hotel or center with lodging, try to make sure participants can stay within walking distance. If not, they will incur transportation costs.

2.       Facilities | The facility you choose has to meet your needs. Size matters! Make sure the space available suits your plans. From large gatherings to breakout sessions, all activities should take place in one central location. Seek a venue that will have everything you need for your conference or meeting—from tables and chairs to audiovisual equipment and microphones. Make sure the facility you choose is a one stop shop.

3.       Cost/ Price Flexibility | Breakdown your budget before you start looking for a venue. When discussing pricing with a potential venue, be upfront about budget constraints so everyone is on the same page. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! From offering to sign a multi-year contract to personalizing your conference package, there are ways to negotiate a price that best fits your budget!

4.       Availability | When securing dates for your conference with the venue, be sure to ask about availability to outside venues. For instance- if you book during peak season, you might have trouble booking activities or dinners outside of the conference space.

5.       Participant Experience | The venue and location of your event sets the mood for the week. Be sure to select a location and venue that guests will be excited to travel to. Will they be entertained outside of planned activities? Will they be attracted to attend your next event? It is important to consider their experience as a whole when deciding on a venue.

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